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MARIO + BRANDYN // Minneapolis, MN

I met Mario and Brandyn through Joynoelle, Brandyn’s dress designer and a good friend of mine. Mario and Brandyn have an absolutely incredible story. Brandyn touches on it in her vows, but in short when they were dating, Brandyn needed a kidney transplant and Mario was the exact match. I think that says more about...

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Inspiration Week Clip 2 // Seattle, WA

Hi friends, Here’s another clip from my recent trip to the Northwest with my friend Spencer Combs. We spent a day running around downtown Seattle, taking in the sites and scenes. Here’s a little bit of what I saw. Enjoy! -Matt Seattle // Inspiration Week Clip 2 from capture studios on Vimeo.

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JIMMY + LAURA // Minnetonka, MN

Our goal is to make wedding films that are unique to our clients. It’s so easy to template a day out, since weddings are typically composed of similar events: 1. Bride gets in hair and make-up 2. Groom puts on tux 3. Bride gets into the dress 4. They meet. She cries. 5. She walks...

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Inspiration Week: Seattle/Vancouver // [in-spahyuhrd]

Inspiration is something I constantly look for. So often I am victim to the idea that you can only be inspired by other people within you own field, so I spend hours and late nights blog-stalking film/photo people I admire. In walks “Inspiration Week”. My good friend Spencer Combs and I decided to take a...

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The Capture Workshop : Wednesday, May 12th

The Capture Workshop So here’s the deal: We want more people doing amazing film/video. We feel the time has come to pass on some of the things we have learned over the years and spread the love and get more people involved. We have decided to host a workshop to walk through the basics of...

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