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Hand Crafted Films

Our time in Spain is coming to and end. The wedding festivities were absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to start editing. It was incredible to be a part of a wedding from another culture and see the differences and similarities unfold. I took this picture as we were walking the streets of Santiago de...

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Santiago de Compestela

Hi Friends, We spent the day exploring Santiago de Compestela with Eliesa and Judd of Photogen Inc. It was amazing to see everything we have heard so much about. This place is indeed magical. Here are a few sights from the day. Enjoy. -M

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Goodbye Norway

Well, we have left Norway behind. One thing that I will take away from our experience an appreciation for a balanced lifestyle. Norway is one of the most epic, beautiful countries in the world, yet people live very simply. If Norway’s landscape was in America, REI would blow up like nobodies business. However, in Norway...

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Norway Update

Hi Friends, We are finally getting acclimated to the time change, lack of language skills and our bus route to and from the city. Our time here so far has been amazing and we are looking forward to the last few days we have here in Norway before heading back to Spain. I wanted to...

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A Wedding Abroad

Hello friends, Today my wife and I arrived in Norway, part of a 2 week journey to a wedding I am shooting in Spain. After over 24 hours of flights, airport lounges, layovers, lost-luggage and head-bobbing naps, we are finally in Bergen, Norway. We will be here for a week and then head down to...

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